A successful board meeting, whether it is in person or virtually requires careful planning and attentiveness. It’s also essential to create an environment of productive meetings that helps your attendees engage in healthy debate as well as gain new ideas.

The chair of the board is expected to chair your board meetings. It is typically the manager or president of the community association. Each board member should have the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions or to express concerns. Then, vote on the item. This helps avoid confusion later on the line about what was discussed, decided on and ratified by the boardroom.

Clearly identify the end goal of each item

Include a brief explanation of the reason behind each item on the agenda. This can help avoid confusing discussions or taking up time. It’s also useful to include a Going Here check box for each item that indicates whether it’s designed to provide information, educate or reach a conclusion.

Don’t Rush to a Decision

Many boards believe that they need to take a quick decision to calm homeowners who are unhappy or to avoid dragging out a problem that may resolve itself. This causes your community and your board to be delayed. The decisions made in a hurry are often poorly implemented and lack the input of experts.

At Least Once A Year, Evaluate Your Meetings

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